Creative solutions for unique productivity challenges

From doing all things to getting things done.

Productivity Think Tank is where smart people come when they are serious about getting results.
Learn how to really cut through the noise, go beyond just scratching the surface or settling for superficial results.

    Rise above the noise, put theory into practice and accelerate the growth and productivity for yourself and your business.
    Productivity Think Tank™ is a unique opportunity for networking and getting one-on -one help at the highest level and the place where brilliant minds come together to learn and grow from the shared wisdom and experience.

    When you are seeking a creative change in your approach on how to put theory into practice and get important things done, and when you have that urgency to take massive action

    When you need to improve traction and get a full grip on the challenges you're facing

    When you want to put an end on constantly being busy, running from one project to another, multitasking and working long hours without getting the results matching the level of effort you’re putting in.

    Tomorrow's success is the direct consequence of the actions you take today.

      Busy without strategy and focus
      is just busy.


      The Productivity Think Tank Mastermind is a unique combination of brainstorming, accountability and support. The mastermind is intense and effective, based on my proprietary method: The 4×4 Productivity Method™. This method, build upon four foundational pillars, eliminates the overwhelm of not knowing how to put all the moving pieces together into a cohesive plan that just flows.


      Build a deep understanding of the situations.


      Challenge the assumptions, recognize the main distinctions and factors of influence.


      Strategic goal design.

      Solve and Apply

      Integration and maintaining relevance in an ever changing context.


      Clear. Intense. Transformative. The way Gabriela approaches some concepts really made me reevaluate the way I think and the way I act.

      Brad H.

      I feel so lucky to have received the guidance from Gabriela, and benefited from the support and expertise of the other members. In the process I have uncovered key information about myself which allowed me to better understand some of my behaviors. Gabriela is very knowledgeable and professional, and it’s a true pleasure to work with her.

      Karen P.

      Wow! This is for you, only if you are ready to face your reality and take action. Not only that I have a clear plan now, but I’ve learned so much about myself in the process. Thank you!

      Jessica M.

      Join the Productivity Think Tank Mastermind

      Become optimally productive and generate the result you’ve always wanted, bringing your business to the next level.

      • Find the answer to the most pressing question: Am I running the right race?
      • Identify your productivity leaks
      • Identify what need to be changed, developed or eliminated
      • Refine your goals and sharpen your productivity and personal skills
      • Identify the Number One activity you need to direct your focus on so that you create the biggest impact
      • Tap into the experience and skills of your peers.
      • Build momentum for long term projects
      • Get honest feedback, advice, and creative brainstorming.
      • Learn how to take meaningful action and create the impact that you want
      • Become very strategic about everything that you do
      • Create a clear system that is easy to follow because you know exactly Why, When and How to execute your plans

      Tomorrow's success is the direct consequence of the actions you take today.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        This Mastermind is ONLY for people who are committed to achieve their own success and are ready to invest in their growth. If you know you are a coachable person, you enjoy to challenge yourself, you are ready to play full out, and you appreciate honest feedback this mastermind could be a great fit for you.

        This Mastermind is NOT not for you If asking for input and receiving feedback makes you feel uncomfortable, or your are not willing to share insight with other group members or if you’re not comfortable with pushing yourself and you don’t do well with accountability.

        As a part of our Mastermind group, each member is expected to put in the time and effort to achieve his own personal growth.

        You are expected to commit to contributing time, energy and attention in helping other participants. Regular attendance at the scheduled meetings is a must for creating unparalleled momentum.

        Because we focus on creating the most powerful connections along with increased productivity, showing up in an authentic, honest, supportive and respectful manner is also expected from each member of the group.

        We cannot stress enough how important Strict Confidentiality is in our groups. What we discuss in the group stays in the group. No exceptions.

        The Mastermind runs for 3 months. We meet online every 2 weeks for 2  hour/meeting. You are looking at 6 meetings.

        Because we want each member to fully benefits form the power of a mastermind, we always cap it at no more than 6, carefully selected business owners per group.

        The Hot Seat is your opportunity to share your own goal and challenge and get direct, honest and valuable feedback form the group members so you can create your unique strategy to success.